Top 15 Cute Photos Of Doggos And catties Before And After Being Called A Good Boy

When Reddit user ‘JavaReallySucks’ posted a pic titled “dog before and after being called a good boy” it instantly inspired others to try the same thing on their pets. People everywhere have taken to the internet to post pictures of their ‘good boys’. . Dogs, cats, you name it, they posted it!

And got some real good snoot shots here.!! This happy dude looks like an earless polar bear.

#2. Before and after being told he’s a good doggo.

He resolved some angry situations.

#3. Look at that smile!

From “what is my life…” to “OMG really?!”

#4. “I’m not a good girl!”

“She’s like.. Hate all those fools who think that calling me ‘good boy’ will make any difference”

#5. If this isn’t a good boy, then we don’t know what is

#6 Did someone say… ‘good boy’…?!

After, he doesn’t care his neck doesn’t fit in his shirt.

#7 Who, Me?

That head tilt though! What a good boy!!

#8  “Me? Cute…? Oh, stop it you!”

He says, “awe shucks!” You make me Blush!!

#9. One word…ADORABLE.

From “go away” to “TF DID YOU JUSST SAYY”

#10 Dobby or Doggy?

Looks like she says What!!! Master called me a good girl! J

#11 Seriously!!

She’s like Don’t give a dam for your thoughts, you human.

#12 He’s A Good Boy.

Ask him, “Who’s a good boy?!?!” He ALREADY knows the answer!!!!

#13 After Calling My 11 Years Old Dog A ” Good Deer”

He’s ready to fly the sleigh!!

#14 Django After Hearing “good Boy” !! It’s All In The Eyes 🙂

He looks like “well then, a good boy deserves a belly scratch”

#15 Before & After Being Called A Good Girl

And last but by no means least, this very good girl!!


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