7 Celebrities Explain How They Stay in Great Shape After 40

Have you ever wondered how celebrities stay fit even after turning 40? When most of us would are struggling with hormone changes and metabolism. 

Here is the list of some workout and diet tips straight from our favorite celebrities. 

1. Eva Longoria (47)

In an interview, Eva shared that she likes to do trampoline workouts as it is not too harsh on the knees. She works out on a trampoline for 30 to 45mins a day and does some weight training.

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (49)

Dwyane likes to work out every day and works on different muscles each day. He works on his biceps and back on Mondays and on his shoulders in midweek. On Thursday the day again starts with biceps and back. Fridays are for chest and tricep and Saturday is focused on leg muscles.

3. Jennifer Lopez (52)

Jennifer Lopez is very particular about her health. She likes to include every aspect of a healthy lifestyle like food, sleep, and exercise. According to her working out makes her happy.  Her routine includes dance, weight lifting, lunges, and pilates.

4. Hilary Swank (47)

Hilary Swank likes to d resistance training. According to her, it is the best way to keep your body flexible 

5. Jason Statham (54)

Jason Statham likes to adjust his workout routine depending on how he feels. In an interview, he shared that he likes to use rings as a part of his routine. It has a lot of benefits, such as shoulder mobility and usable strength. 

6. Halle Berry (55)

Halle Berry likes to do different workouts like strength training, martial arts, and yoga. She takes her health very seriously. She was a gymnast growing up and was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 22.

7. Mark Wahlberg (50)

Mark Wahlberg likes to start his workout early hence he wakes up at 4 in the morning. He follows a plant-based diet and trains 5 days a week. He takes breaks on Wednesdays and Saturdays from his high-intensity interval training.

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