Girlfriend Illustrates Everyday Life With Her Boyfriend And A Puppy In 19 Adorable Comics

Ever heard someone talk about the BFGF syndrome? Well if you have not heard of it defined as the Boyfriend Girlfriend Syndrome in the Urban dictionary. It is the situation when a couple wants to do everything together. Like we all have seen one friend who is always hanging out with their partner and does not have time for anyone else. 

#2 Gotta up the Cuddle Meter

#3 A Real Life Happily Ever After

#4 Is it Real or Conspiracy

#5 Animal Sacrifice needed ASAP

#6 Attention Head Here

#7 Hair Hair Everywhere

#8 One with the Pet names

#9 Let me love you

#10 A little love soggy story

#11 Best timing in the world

#12 Woollen muscles are the best

#13 Sharing Dogs meme  to each other hits different

#14 Wish a dog egg could exist

#15 Unhealthy for dogs healthy for humans

#16 The one with the betrayal of love

#17 A party with no people is the best kind of party

#18 A gentleman knows how to approach.

#19 When the excitement becomes the issue


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