Then Vs. Now Pics Show What Heroes Of Popular Memes Look Like Now

Days into 2021, social media appears to be booming with iconic memes that feature people and animals. January provides thousands of memes/jokes, and while the global pandemic, including ensuing lockdowns, remains unprecedented, more people are quite prepared for 2021. Interestingly, more than a few surprises are in store, mostly as the internet has decided to celebrate popular memes’ heroes.

These heroes had led completely ordinary lives until the moment when the internet graced notable fame on them. The fame all happened with just one photo, and since then, they’ve become an internet sensation. Besides, have you been curious about knowing their names and backgrounds? If Yes, worry no further. We’ve compiled 20 then vs. now photos of these popular meme heroes, and they’re sure to blow your mind. Have a look!

Kayode Ewumi – The Roll Safe

Zeddie Smith – The Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Laina Morris – The Overly Attached Girlfriend

Jordan Peele – The Sweating Jordan Peele

Blake Boston – The Scumbag Steve

Mia Talerico – The Good Luck Charlie

Nick Young – The Confused Nick Young

Kabosu – The Doge

kabosumama -Via

Sam Griner – The Success Kid

SammySuccessKi -Via

Zoe Roth – The Disaster Girl

Tardar Sauce – The Grumpy Cat

Chloe – The side-eyeing Chloe

Igor Nazarov – The School Boy In A Swamp

Maggie Goldenberger – The Ermahgerd

Giorgio Tsoukalos – Aliens Are To Blame For Everything

Silvia Bottini – The First World Problems

Kyle Craven – The Bad Luck Brian

Andras Arato – The Harold Hiding The Pain

Michael McGee – Trying To Hold A Fart Next To A Cute Girl In Class

Drew Scanlon – The Blinking White Guy


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