High School Boy Learned to Sew Because His Prom Date Couldn’t Afford Her Dream Dress | He Made Her Gown From Scratch!

Prom is a special day for every high school student. The idea of a perfect date, perfect party, and perfect dress. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have a dream prom. But, one lucky girl got it all because of her best friend.

In 2019 Addi Rust was planning to go to her Pendleton Heights prom,  but she had only one issue she could not afford her dream dress. This is where her best friend Parker Smith stepped in who was going to be her prom date. He decided to make Addi her dream dress from scratch all by himself. 

He even learned sewing, especially for this.

Firstly he started by sketching the design of the dress and even shared several photos on Twitter later. After learning to sew from his grandmother it was time to make the beautiful princess dress. 

He had to redo several things in the dress to make sure it was perfect.

“I spent the night before prom adding extra stones to the dress because I’m such a perfectionist.” Said Parker.

Parker made a beautiful cinderella gown all by himself and made Addi’s day special. He later shared several photos on Twitter and wrote the caption.

“The first thing I’ve ever sewed (a prom dress) is done and ready for the ball! Not only was I the prince charming of the lovely @AddiRust, but I was also her fairy godmother, hehe! I owe her a huge debt of gratitude.”

Addi also posted on Twitter to appreciate parker for his efforts.

His beautiful cinderella dress soon went viral and brought new opportunities for parker. He got an offer to work as a Broadway costume designer. His one sudden decision brought him his career. 

Later in a few months, Footlite Musicals in Indianapolis hired him. Now he’s planning to study costume design and musical theater in college.

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