Artist Visualizes A Little Mermaid Living In The XXI Century, And It is Sad

We have always loved Disney and its characters,  they are the most famous animated characters around. But have ever thought about what will happen if they have to live in today’s world. The world is full of trash and pollution.

Artist believes that one does not have to have a degree to become an artist, Inspiration, motivation, and enough practice is the key. 

“I would say that my style was mostly inspired by American cartoons from the ’90s with a touch of Japanese anime. I really love drawing funny expressions and cartoons are perfect for that.” Says Stephanie. The idea of creating “The Trash Mermaid” came from a close friend referring to the  “Mermay Challenge”  in May.

Explaining the process of creating the comics artist said, when they started drawing the mermaid, they wondered what she should be wearing in day and age. Further thinking about it Stephanie decided to go with a plastic bag. It was more realistic and answered the question “What would a mermaid find in the ocean to wear today”.


Stephanie further explained – “That’s when the plastic bag came to my mind. It triggered lots of new ideas and I came up with more and more stuff to add. ‘The modern mermaid wouldn’t have a pretty lifelike Ariel,’ I thought. She’d have to deal with our plastic waste!’” 



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