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Artist Gives a Pokemon Makeover to 40 Famous Disney Characters

Imagine how amazing it would be to watch your favorite Disney character turn to Pokémon-y? Wouldn’t it be amazing? We know you might have pictured and wondered how all the popular Disney characters including Stitch, Yoda, McQueen and even Sadness turn into Pokémon characters. Ry Spirit, an Australian artist brought an interesting makeover idea for all our beloved characters. His sketches showcase the Disney characters in their Pokémon forms starting from their pre-evolution form to their final evolution. Each Disney Pokémon created by him showcase the characters in a new light.

Without further ado, let’s scroll through his beautiful sketches.

Image Sources: ryspiritart.com

#1 Mcfly, Mcqueen, and Mcgatron

#2 Statch, Stitch, and Stutch

#3 Cry Baby, Sadness, and Sorrow

#4 Angy, Anger, and Angery

#5 Happy, Joy, and Euphoria

#6 Lightwing, Darkwing, Mechawing

#7 Egglings, Quack Pack, and Ducktrio

#8 Chipper Bros., Chip ‘N Dale, Chippunks

#9 Eggo, Chicken Little, and Chicken Biggo

#10 Eye.m.cute, Mike, and Eye.m.scary

#11 Subby, Sully, and Sullivorc

#12 Randy, Randall, and Ranzilla

#13 Yoyo, Yoda, and Babayoda

#14 R1-D1, R2-D2, and R3-R3

#15 Jar Jar Stinks, Jar Jar Binks, and Jar Jar Blings

#16 Babyloo, Baloo, and Boogaloo

#17 Mini the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh, and Skinny the Pooh

#18 Eeyawn, Eeyore, and Eemo

#19 Tiggez, Tigger, and Trigger

#20 Bunny, Rabbit, and Hare

#21 Babe, Piglet, and Boaris

#22 Mimi, Mickey, and Mickfoley

#23 Mini, Minnie, and Mineficent

#24 Goof, Goofy, and Goofather

#25 Don, Donald, and Don-old

#26 Wall-BB, Wall-E, and Wall-Z

#27 Ev.1, Eve, and Evangel1on

#28 Skelly, Jack, and Skullface

#29 Sal, Sally, and Scally

#30 Oogie Baggie, Oogie Boogie, and Oogie Buggie

#31 Bae-B, Baymax, and Baymega

#32 Ralph 64, Ralph, and Wreckly Kong

#33 Vanellope 64, Vanellope, and Virus

#34 Spotless, Dalmatian, and Splot

#35 Ballaf, Olaf, and Snowlaugh

#36 Bobo, Dumbo, and Jumbo

#37 Lampie, Genie, and Genieus

#38 Abby, Abu, and Abominable

#39 Bachjah, Rajah, and Maharajah

#40 Babyago, Iago, and Iaglow

Ry draws his inspiration from his undying love for pop culture and Disney fan art. He has slowly created a mythical world of his beloved cartoons to live in the happiest place to catch ’em all!

Which one did you like the most?


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