The Mexican Illustrator Who Shows How Fantastic Living Alone Can Be

Most people think that living alone is not that great but alone times can be the most productive and liberating times of one’s life. Being in solitude comes with surprising benefits if you just know how to enjoy them. It can be so rewarding especially if you are an introvert.

An artist from Mexico Idalia Candelas illustrates the pleasures of living alone. She draws women who enjoy living alone and makes the best out of it. Idalia captures women in their essence like having a cigarette in bed, doing the dishes, and just chilling in their own spaces. Her illustrations show a feeling of content even if someone is alone.

According to the artist, the theme of loneliness has been recurring in her drawing because she likes to show women who exist in solitude but do not suffer. They are not depressed or crying, it is more like they enjoy the company of just themselves. It is like a sense of feeling safe being happy about it.

Idalia believes that her artwork is feminist. As all the women she draws are doing what they want and do not care about the opinions and prejudice of other people.

Her artwork is very fun and intriguing as it talks about things that we don’t think are important or enjoyable. Like doing little things on your own be it cooking yourself a meal, fixing something in the house, cleaning doing the dishes, or just sitting in the silence.

Scroll down and enjoy our best picks from Idalia Candelas’s artwork.

#1 Best coffee dates

#2 Reading to yourself

#3 Waking up whenever and however you wish

#4 Why bother wearing those

#5 No need to close the bathroom doors.

#6 Having some mee time

#7 Have your coffee however you like

#8 Treat yourself with the best

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