Artist Shows Relationship In Most Realistic Way In 23 Illustrations

Today we are introducing a great artist Peter Oti Kofi Asamoah aka Poka Gh. He is a Ghana-based artist who is famous for his realistic and relatable take on relationships and daily life.  

His illustrations are well-crafted and hilarious and he has created a big audience for himself too. People love the strong and powerful message he gives with his artwork. His way of conveying the message is quite quirky.

The artist shared that he comes from a very humble background and grew up with his mom and siblings. He was always interested in art since he was a child he used to draw on walls with charcoal. 

Despite being so much interested in arts he went through formal education and completed his studies. After that, he did Arts in Mfantsipim and Painting in KNUST and taught himself digital art and animation.

Poka explained that he was so fascinated by Tv cartoons and wanted to explore different kinds of art forms.

 He draws situations that are relatable to most of us. For many, his artwork feels so personal and real to them.

#1 Your girl is gotta eat

#2 Little care takers

#3 Parenting is hard when you can not sleep

#4 Love can work miles

#5 Working from home be like

#6 No to think about you is hard

#7 Why is he so beautiful

#8 Third-wheeling is tough bro

#9 Why do they want to eat every damn thing

#10 Chilling with my boo

#11 Most special person in the world

#12 I will always be there for you not matter what

#13 I will just take five more minutes

#14 We are together forever

#15 My best kind of date

#16 Yes I do!

#17 Say something fast

#18 Why do you have to be so annoying

#19 Ahem Ahem…

#20 Date nights

#22 Mine forever

#23 One with the Golddiggers

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