Family Builds A Tiny Village & Each Kid Has A Home Of Their Own!

We all know what’s always said about families. You cannot pick your family but, you can always choose to have your personal space with them. A family from Kentucky has carried the tradition of family in an interesting and unique way. Rather than making sure every kid enjoys their personal space in their rooms, they decided to give each kid a house of their own. The family of four created a beautiful private village of their own. Here everyone gets their own mini house and it is incredible.

The Brinks family today owns 6 houses in a tiny village they call their own. Each home is 160 square feet in size which resemble the cute house from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. All the kids always have room to breathe and a private space to exercise their privacy. While the husband wanted everyone to live in the same cabin, mommy Keli stood for the kids.

Source: Newsflare

Let’s take a TOUR!

Five years ago, the Brinks purchased a 21-acre property in Kentucky for $57,000. 

Once they bought the property, they turned it into a tiny village with sustainable living.

4 family members share 6 tiny houses on the property. 

The parents have a home for themselves, two separate houses for Lennox and Brodey, a double bathroom house, a pool house, and a guest house.

The parents’ house is the most expensive on the property. 

At $9,000, the parents’ house is also the most spacious at 280 square feet.

Look at the cozy living room and all that sunlight peeping in!

The kitchen is modern and fully equipped with all the kitchen appliances.

A miniature house with a bathtub. WHAT?!

They also have a tiny private pool at the property!

Look at Brodey’s tiny house. It even has a king sized bed.

Lennox’s house is ever cuter.

The 64-square-foot private office for mom and dad. 

Fresh air, outdoor exercises and a lot of family and personal time!

What do you think of this alternate concept of living?

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