Bully Makes Fun Of Girl, Teacher Teaches The Bully A Lesson

Whether bullying is physical or mental, it can be quite a shocking and upsetting situation to encounter. Imagine a kid who is picked on by other kids at school? It can be distressing to learn that your child or friend has gotten picked at my other kids or bullies at school.

As hard as the situation might be, it is crucial to deal with it the right way. Teachers and parents must deal with bulling and stop aggressive and antisocial behavior at school.

It is best to save a kid from depression, anxiety, and decreased academic performance.

Kinsie Johns, a third grade teacher at the Arnette Winn Elementary School learnt that one of her students was bullied.

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One of the kids had started sporting a new hairstyle at school which sparked a few mean comments from other students.

Johns told, “One of my students had begun to wear her hair in what is now referred to as ‘space buns’.”

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She continued, “She wore her hair like this on Tuesday and by Wednesday, she was being called ‘space girl’.”

Johns did not appreciate the behavior of the kids and thought of doing something about it.

The next day the students were shocked to see their teacher.

Instead of sporting her usual hairstyle, Johns was sporting the space buns.

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Johns recalled, “She was beaming when she saw me, and the students noticed that our hair looked the same.”

Later the kids started asking Johns about the hairstyle. She answered, “It’s okay to stand out and be different.”

Johns also snapped a photo of her and the little girl and posted it on Facebook.

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She wrote:

“She told me yesterday that some students were making fun of her hair and picking on her. So, after a little planning with her and written reminder on my hand, today, we showed up with the same hair just to prove a point. It’s okay to be different.”

Didn’t Dr. Seuss said it right?! “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?!”

Source: Facebook

The teacher and her Facebook post soon went viral. Gradually, the other students started sporting space buns too!

Kudos to you, Ms. Johns! 

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