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20 Hilarious Parenting Comics That Are Too TRUE!

Parenting is a roller coaster ride. One day is all about spilling milk bottles and an unkempt house. Other days are filled with a lot of laughter and shrieking baby voices. Brilliant cartoonist Heloise Weiner sketches almost real comics that show how being a mom is a truly unique feeling! 

Meet French mom and cartoonist Halos Weiner who shares her motherhood journey by creating comics. 

The job of a mom has no retirement plans. From the first few early years of chaotic surroundings and hectic schedules to a physically exhausting time for mothers, being a mom has no end. 

Her Instagram account has garnered a lot of followers. With over 45.3k people enjoying her content, she regularly updates her parenting journey. And believe us, her comics are REAL! 

Source: Instagram

#1 No is never an answer for kids!

#2 Choices are an easy cake!

#3 No?!

#4 Always ready for the childminder’s.

#5 Leaving mommy to wonder always?!

#6 No sleep is REAL!

#7 The tantrum till they get it!

#8 Flipping breakfast choices everyday?!

#9 Getting the most normal selfie is a task!

#10 The unsolicited advice?!

#11 Pregnancy Hormones and the ride!

#12 The feeling you understand your mom more than ever!

#13 Insomnia!!

#14 Keeping an eye on the kid is a must.

#15 Can people stop asking this??

#16 You just need to ask!

#17 Fun while it lasted.

#18 Kids know mom better.

#19 Whatever it is, it’s a YES!

#20 Kids and their never ending lists!

Which one did you like?

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