Foster Parents Adopt 5 Kids After Refusing to Split Them

With COVID-19 and the Ukraine-Russia War, the world seems to be full of negative news lately. We are here to bring you stories that warm your heart.

Presenting a blessed and happy family from Cincinnati, Ohio who won our hearts with their selfless act.

Source: YouTube

The Rom family from Ohio did the deed to restore our faith in humanity.

The couple, Will and Julie Rom have no kids of their own.

But they always missed the presence of happy feet and giggles around.

They said yes to fostering five siblings.

Source: YouTube

William (12 years old,) Truth (9 years old,) Marianna (6 years old,) Keyora (3 years old,) and KJ (2 years old) were in the need of a home. The couple became their foster parents and brought the kids together who once were separated by the system.

The couple started meeting ends and fostered the kids for 10 years.

Source: YouTube

Put simply, the couple ensured the kids found the perfect home to feel safe and loved. Julie said, “We have always said that when we has children come to our home, we would never have them uprooted another time. If the opportunity came along, that we would just keep them. It is extremely important that we do stay together because they have lost so much in their past.”

Julie and Will were true to their words! They did not hesitate a second to adopt the kids.

On July 27, 2017, the couple assembled with the kids in the courtroom at Hamilton County Probate Court to take full custody of the children. Judge Winkler knew it will be cruel to deny them the custody of the kids.

Source: YouTube

They got the official rubber stamp and enjoy being a family now!

Isn’t this is heartwarming story??

Some children do not have a roof on their head and a loving family. Will and Julie, we would like to praise you for your generosity in providing the siblings a happy home.

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