Mom welcomes a 14-pound baby boy after suffering 19 miscarriages

A couple from Arizona welcomed a baby boy last October. Cary and Tim Patonai experienced 17 heartbreaking miscarriages between the birth of their kids and two more in the past year. They had 19 miscarriages before the baby boy arrived.

The baby boy was named Finnley. He was a very special kid not just because he came after the couple had gone through, He came out weighing 14.1 ounces at birth. That is double of an average newborn.

 Cary stated that Finnley was treated like a celebrity at the hospital. Everyone was taking selfies with him. The doctor that performed the C section said that he had never seen a newborn this size in his 27 years of career.

Finnley was two weeks early, but he measured a long 23.75 inches. Full-term babies average at around 20 inches.

Right after the baby was born the doctors and nurses got excited as they have never seen a newborn this size. They got him on the scale and he weighed ‘14.1.

If he had been born at the right time, he’d have been even bigger according to doctors.

Around 9% of the babies in the world are born heavy like this. The condition is known as “fetal macrosomia”. This condition is caused because of many reasons like obesity, maternal diabetes, or excessive weight gain during pregnancy. The babies born with this condition are also at higher risk of obesity and metabolic disorder.

The doctors decided to go with a C section on Cary. As the baby was big and if they would have opted for a normal delivery there would have been excessive bleeding and tearing.

There is a Guinness World for this category. In 1955 an Italian baby was born that weighed 22.8 pounds and in 2019 a woman in Newyork gave birth to a baby girl weighing 15.5-pounds.

Cary knows how to carry babies but Finnley was a different challenge.

 Recalling her pregnancy days Cary said – “It got to the point where I could hardly move. It would take me 30 minutes to recover from taking a shower”.

The couple had two babies prior to Finnley named Devlen and Everett. They both weigh normal 8.2 and 11.11 respectively.

Talking about when she delivered her second born Everett Cary said that he was doctors’ top five heaviest babies. 

Cary jokingly said – “Just you wait, I’m gonna get to the top of the list, totally joking two years ago. And then we accidentally did it,”

The couple has to buy things for Finnley that are made for older babies. Like he wears onesies that are made for 6 to 9 months olds and diapers of 8 months or more. His appetite is also more than the kids of his age.

Cary describes Finnley as “snuggly” and “a great sleeper.” His dad predicts his heavy son will be into sports.

Talking about Finnley his father proudly said that he is going to be a football player.

The couple went through some very hard times with all of those miscarriages before Finnley. Their patience paid off beautifully with the baby boy.

The hard times are over and the whole family is happy with the newest addition to their family.

Watch the video below for Finnley’s story!

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