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Artist Uses Disney Princesses to Illustrates Her Least Glamorous Pregnancy Moments

Anna Belenkiy is a talented digital artist. This artist is very popular among the people and she has also chosen a very interesting way of showing her first pregnancy in front of people. Inspired by Disney characters, the characters have been a part of her life from childhood to birth. The talented artist has also decided to include adorable princesses to portray.

The artist believes that Mulan has taught her to never give up. And along with that, Ariel has taught her to keep chasing her dreams.

This talented artist Anna has been painting throughout her life. Artist digital painting has also achieved great skill. Along with this, she also started a degree in animation 5 years ago. The artist’s obsession with Disney princesses started from a very young age. When the artist first saw Ariel, she says that she has been drawing her.

Anna further told that the idea of ​​this series started when she was pregnant. The artist says that pregnancy has always been seen as something glamorous and magical. This is especially so when you see other pregnant women with you. And the thought of becoming like them comes to your mind too.

Pregnancy glow is a word we have heard many times. But it is not something that all women also experience. Many women start struggling a lot during this time. After which we can say that this mother has done a very good job.

The artist further explained that she imagined her pregnancy to be gentle and magical. The artist believes that no one prepared her for the fact that she was going to be a giant gas balloon.

The artist says that morning sickness persists almost throughout the day. It’s a big part of her daily life as a pregnant woman.

She added that she want to dedicate this illustration to all the sensitive daddies.

Mulan and Shang Lee have decided to make a new super romantic Valentine’s Day. But they had a different plan for the romantic date of their upcoming baby warrior.

The illustration tells all the clothes are just too tiny now.

It is said that during pregnancy, a more and better glow comes on the face. Feels like I haven’t slept in ages.

After all, what is wrong with me. Can this seat also be used? I find myself through everything


In the first quarter, there was almost a whole day’s sleep. used to drip red on herself and also snort like a pig.



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