Chuck Norris Gave Up His Fame And Retired From Hollywood To Take Care Of Sick Wife



During the 1980s and 1990s, Chuck Norris had carved a niche in the hearts of people as a talented actor and martial artist. The huge body of this talented actor and how he established himself as one of the most skilled and attractive martial arts actors of Hollywood. Is probably not known to the people of today’s generation. Chuck Norris’s hard work could be one of the reasons. In the early 2000s, the artist became the subject of a lot of puny and funny humor because of his physical strength. This sentence has greatly affected his reputation to date. According to Golcast, he started taking care of his ailing wife Gena O’Kelly in a very good way. He started disappearing from the eyes of both Hollywood and the public.

Talented actors Chuck Norris and chuck O’Kelly first met in 1997. Then Chuck Norris was playing a supporting role in the television series. The couple married about 22 years ago on 28 November 1998 and on 30 August 2001, both of them welcomed the twins with great fanfare. The troubles of this artist’s wife Gena mainly started in 2013. During this time she decided to have an MRI scan to check for his rheumatoid arthritis. She also claimed that a contrast agent was inserted just before her scan. Meanwhile, it went on for two more scans. After this, Gena’s body started showing signs of weakness for a long time including burning in the mole.

Gena recounts the old moments and tells that she called her husband in the middle of the night. She tell him that she had indeed suffered from something wrong. Her husband took her to the hospital for emergency treatment where doctors denied any wrongdoing. The doctor told her that she was completely fine.

According to CBS SF Bay, doctors didn’t make sure need to be put on an IV drip or prescription pain medication. And thus the scorching spread throughout her body. Gena later described severe brain damage, articulation and memory problems, muscular atrophy, and being hypermetabolic. Where her entire body was subjected to constant burns. Norris did not receive successful individual treatment for her illness until she went to Reno, Nevada to find an integrative specialist.


She talked to hello magazine about this whole incident. They told them that she was in bed for 5 months during the IV and needed 24-hour nursing care. She further explained that Chuck slept on the couch next to her and never woke up. She tells that she hoped to live long enough to wish her children. The couple also claimed that the gadolinium drug completely spoiled O’Kelly and caused his death. This chemical is used in up to 30 percent of all MRI scans around the world.

This US Air Force veteran sacrificed his entire dedicated and wonderfully lucrative Hollywood career to fight his wife’s cancer. According to Goalcast, the couple also sued 11 big pharma companies for manufacturing and selling the chemical.

Chuck couldn’t see Gena suffering. That’s why he devoted his whole life to fixing this system and also retired from his established hollywood career. Chuck is now 80 years old. he is a loving life partner, father and grandfather. His wife and he are living their lives on a farm outside Navasota, Texas.


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