People Are Having Trouble Understanding This Dog Picture

Sometimes you can look at something and still won’t be able to believe what you are looking at. Perspective can change a lot in a picture.

One day you will be looking at adorable dogs and cats videos thinking how cute they are and suddenly you come across something totally weird.

There is a picture of a dog on Instagram which shook everyone and left them very confused. The picture has got more than 143k views and 3.5k upvotes on Imgur and people have been sharing this like crazy.

This horror-inducing photo of a dog is going viral, however, it’s not what it looks like

People were clearly confused:

Some even tried fixing it with a little photoshop as well

It turned out to be a three-legged dog licking himself

This picture went so viral that one person even illustrated it to show people how it would have happened. He drew two pictures one from the camera perspective and the second from another perspective.

The picture was still just so weird and unique to just let go of. People were thrilled to look at the photo and some even compared it with the Silent Hill video games.

Some even had fun drawing googly eyes on it and it was pretty hilarious to see.

It went on for so long that the owner of the dog posted another photo of him proving he indeed had ahead.

We have curated a list of some other pet optical illusions below.

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