Mass panic on beach before police identify what it actually is

Horrified locals and tourists called the police after discovering what they thought was a ‘body’ washed up on the beach, which everyone later realized was a sex doll.

After discovering that there was no crime the officials left. They believed it was probably dumped in a canal or river before it found its way to this beach. 

However, the silicon doll did not have a head in place, and no way to identify the body the police kept it in the police station, in case anyone wants to claim it. 

Funnily enough, this was not the first time this kind of incident happened. A man in the UK also came across a similar situation where he believed he saw a disjointed body of women in the water. 

When he made the horrific discovery, Chris Ford had been looking for driftwood on Chesil Beach in Dorset in February. After a better closer view he realized it was just a silicon sex doll. 

The 67-year-old recalled: “It was a human-like figure but was too clean and too pretty – and it did not have a head. “Apart from its lack of a face, it was very anatomically correct. So as soon as I got to her I knew it was a sex doll.”

He continued: “I am always out collecting driftwood after storms so I fully expected to see a human body one day but never this. It certainly made my day.”

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