13 People Ask For Photoshop Help And The Result Is Hilarious

some things may seem real to you but are actually fake and some things which your naked eye can’t see or believe is actually real in life. There are many apps available on the internet today, which you can use to transform your photos and they actually help you to create a new look for your photo or video. Some professional artist with their creativity create so amazing looks that it’s hard to believe for the naked eye on their reality. You might have seen some photos or some paintings which look like they are captured for real but are actually Photoshop. It is an amazing tool which you can use to completely transform your photos. Want the lamp out of the sight? Disappear into darkness. Wanna edit the dominos out of your prom pic? Want to edit the sunset. Hey this all can be done simply using the Photoshop. Well apart from all these edits you can also turn your pictures into a funny one, James Fridman a famous Photoshop artist can turn your pictures into a hilarious one. He can literally turn you into a pizza delivery boy. cause if there’s one thing James is best at, probably on the whole internet, its making the Photoshop edits that are way too hilarious.

So scroll down with me to see some of his hilarious edits and have some fun.

Jamie be like: Dude you wanna be a bad boy, let me show the world that you actually a bad boy. Enjoy Dude.

 Perfect way to make the nurses and doctors smile with their masks on.

Hey i can do that, but what about the beautiful environment. No water, no environment.

Sure he can be turned into a boxer. Do you still love him?

Well i am gonna agree with James on this. You are beautiful and you know it.

 If not on the fingers, so let one be on the toes.

James, also known as the Photoshop wizard who has been trolling people longer than i could remember, has become popular for his comedic photo edits and blatant misinterpretation.

“I don’t consider myself a graphic designer, it is more of a hobby”, he told telegraph. When he first started using the image manipulation software, it was not something new and widespread as it is now.

James started editing his family photos first and they ended up on the internet. People loved his edits and asked him for more so the rest you know.

No lamp, No Light.

You could have asked for anything else, may be a cop why agent?

It’s all done bro, now you look exactly like his boyfriend.

Now this is a scary edit.

 Friends are an important part of your life always keep them with you.

 A perfect edit and a perfect request does not exist. Good work James.

Sure she is gonna help you.

Hurry Up! People are waiting for their Delicious Pizza.

A Perfect Deer.

Perfect ways to get your nails done.

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