This Artist’s Comics Beautifully Depicts the Everyday Life of Retail Worker (30 Comics)

We must have at least one crazy story from the grocery store. It has either happened to us or someone we know. Have you ever thought about what people who work in grocery stores go through daily? Well, To answer that question an artist has created ‘Adult Children Comics’.

In these comics, the artist features many retail workers and their encounters with the customers and the management. The artist’s name is Stephen Beals.

Stephen’s way of looking at simple and mundane situations and turning them into funny encounters is hilarious. He has a degree in animation but loves to draw and do graphic art. 

The artist believes that adulthood is a myth we tell children to get them to behave. Sometimes it works and a child will master the art of pretending to be responsible. They become politicians, incarcerated, or potentially both.

People on the internet love his work because it is too relatable for most of us.

Scroll down and find our best picks from the artist’s gallery.





















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