Artist Draws Her Life As A Mom Of Two Boys In Funny Comics With A Feline Twist (20 Comics)

We often hear people say that motherhood is not easy and it is true as well. Many mothers struggle while raising a child. An artist named Chesca Hause has combined her talent for drawings with her daily struggles with her children. She created a humorous and wonderful comic named The Litterbox Comics.



#3 Not my issue Right now

#4 Everyone can relate

#5 Never falling for that again

#6 Hager can ruin you all.

#7 Best timing in the world

#8 What goes around comes around.

#9 Answer the question first!!!

#10 Keep your Opinions to yourself

#11 Keeping Up Appearances

#12 There is no such thing as enough clothes

#13 Night session Zoomies

#14 Ride T-Rex feels like a good idea

#15 It is just Minecraft

#16 Accepting is the key

#17 He is so cool

#18 It is Karama baby

#19 Let him poop

#20 There is no dick in a dictionary

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