Artist Draws Her Life As A Mom Of Two Boys In Funny Comics With A Feline Twist (20 Comics)

We often hear people say that motherhood is not easy and it is true as well. Many mothers struggle while raising a child. An artist named Chesca Hause has combined her talent for drawings with her daily struggles with her children. She created a humorous and wonderful comic named The Litterbox Comics.

Being a mother of kids she has no limit of content for her comics. Her artworks are based on very simple yet reliable topics. Whether it be an eating habit of your child, playing games, or just casually biting tales. 

Chesca’s artwork features herself as a cat mother, her two children, and their dad. The comics are funny and edgy to read. Some jokes just hit you hard. She can communicate the frustration of the situation through her illustration.

According to Chesca humor is an important coping strategy for her so that she can believe there is no pandemic in Litterverse. The animals continue their regular lives and provide the readers with a welcome break.

People relate to the artist through her drawings and also support her. Chesca Hause aka litterboxcomics has more than 413k.

Scroll down below we have picked some of the best and most hilarious illustrations from the artist’s gallery.

#1 Stages of going through Horror



#3 Not my issue Right now

#4 Everyone can relate

#5 Never falling for that again

#6 Hager can ruin you all.

#7 Best timing in the world

#8 What goes around comes around.

#9 Answer the question first!!!

#10 Keep your Opinions to yourself

#11 Keeping Up Appearances

#12 There is no such thing as enough clothes

#13 Night session Zoomies

#14 Ride T-Rex feels like a good idea

#15 It is just Minecraft

#16 Accepting is the key

#17 He is so cool

#18 It is Karama baby

#19 Let him poop

#20 There is no dick in a dictionary

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