11 Honest Illustrations About Women That You Likely Have Way Too Much in Common With

People have always considered society a big part of our lives. As a society, we have put a lot of rules for women to follow. Women have always been conditioned to be in a certain way. They have put rules on how we should be sitting, talking, dressing, laughing, or simply existing. Pressuring women to fit into a box and be perfect all the time.

An illustrator from Belgium named Planet Prudence decided to address this issue and paint the exact picture through her art. She is a Freelancer comic artist. According to the artist, it is a journey to reclaiming ourselves, and our bodies and passing on the empowerment to others. Her art is subjective, honest, and has a lot of positivity. 

The artist wants to point out the duplicity in society and what it means to be a woman this today’s day and age. Her art is very accurate and aesthetic. She also does a lot of expectations versus reality in her art showing the hypocrisy of women.

The artist has an edgy way of portraying her thoughts through her art. Women are much more than color, body, and gender. She has the perfect replies for people with unsolicited opinions. 

 On her page, she wrote five unknown facts about her that include that she aims to read at least 60 books per year and she does not like driving a car.

The artist has more than 730k followers on Instagram and still growing. People love the empowered and relatable content she puts up.

#1 Being a cat parent is the ultimate goal

#2 I do not see any differences

#3 The real baggage

#4 Being comfy is the key

#5 All I need is a little motivation

#6 Changing seasons, Changing clothes

#7 Aesthetics are important

#8 Fresh as always

#9 Looks the same right?

#10 Being hot is just hot

#11 Gravity changes everything



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