This Artist Reimagines Pokémon As Lilo And Stitch Experiments

The Nineties cannot be completed without pokemon and Disney being present. Millennials have grown up watching them over the years. We have seen fans of Disney making fan arts reimagining many Disney characters as well as crossovers. Artists love to take pocket monsters and imagine what they would look like in different art styles. But there are not many crossover artworks available on pokemon. We have also seen many reimaginations of Disney’s Lilo & Stitch.

Have you ever imagined what will happen if these two are combined? 

To answer the question one  Norwegian artist named Vincent Hult aka konnestra has created a series.  He reimagines pokemon with Disney’s Lilo & Stitch and makes illustrations inspired by them. He has combined our favorite animated characters into illustrations. Who would not love Pikachu with cute little teeth and big fluffy ears? 

The artist features many pokemon in his artwork like  Lapras, Sneasel, Quagsire, Wigglytuff, Charmander, Sandslash, and Cyndaquil.

The drawings are an excellent mix of the two traits, with each Pokemon having an enchanting appeal that inspires the Lilo and Stitch. 

These adorable illustrations are a perfect blend of cute and simple. He takes various pokemon and combines them with characters from  Lilo and Stitch. His artworks are funny and can not get any cuter. The artist has more than 10.6k followers on Instagram. 

Scroll down below and find Vincent Hult’s illustrations.

#1 Round Marill

#2 Spickie Zigzagoon

#3 Stitch’s nose suits Raichu

#4 Floppy Gible

#5 Not at all creepy Banette

#6 Bunny ears Pikachu

#7  Happy Popplio

#8 Oshawatt looks more like a teddy 

#9 How much cuter can Scorbunny be?

#10 Happy Mesprit

#11 Muk’s got teeth and a nose now

#12 Vigoroth

#13 Smelly but cute Munna

More Info- Instagram

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