30 Honest Pictures From an Artist That Treats the Hard Parts of Motherhood With Humor

Raising a child is challenging yet rewarding and illustrating just that is Anastasiya Lykova’s cute comic series. This series is a way for the artist to document her bitter-sweet journey and experience of becoming a mom.

The Russian artist has illustrated the most adorable comics about motherhood and its challenges. Anastasiya is raising a boy so there is a lot of content for her illustrations. She experiences her fair share of difficulties while raising her baby boy. Be it sleepless nights, temper tantrums, and endless chores, she lives through all. But still, some moments make everything worth experiencing.

This series is the perfect blend of happiness and irritation a mother faces during and after pregnancy.

Anastasiya’s artwork will hit you home if you have a baby or babysat for any family member. Babies are a piece of work. People love her relatable content about her life. 

Her son’s name is Timothy and according to Anastasiya he is very humble around strangers but a real boss with relatives especially her. 

The artist also stated that her life has changed a lot after giving birth to timothy and for the better. 

Scroll down and find our best picks from Anastasiya Lykova’s series.

#1 The purple eye

#2 My smart boy

#3 Sticker phase

#4 Creepy voices

#5 Surrender under the spell

#6 Just tell me why?

#7 The Art of Deception

#8 No difference at all

#9 Perception of society

#10 Sharing is Caring

#11 How do they get so heavy so fast?

#12 Can not care anymore

#13 Fart difference

#14 Do not move

#15 Much Efficient way

#16 Temper Tantrums

#17 They Multiply

#18 Weight is no threat

#19 The Art of Deception part 2

#20 Expected

#21 The Nose picking Phase

#22 Not the Sim wanted

#23 Accurate Exception vs Reality.

#24 Sweet moments like this make up for everything.

#25 Chaotic Kitchen

#26 Eyes say it all

#27 The struggle is real

#28 Mission Successfully Failed.

#29 No Blanker Ever

#30 Best feeling.

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