10+ Illustrations by French Artist That Clearly Depicts It Is Important To Be Yourself Always

Today we are going to talk about women and their lives. As we walk through their personal and social life journeys, it is not to mock their struggles or compare them with anyone else. 

Lots of comic papers have been written on their physical constitutions. They have a sense of degradation and neglect in respect of women’s bodies. To change the narrative a french illustrator Cecile Dormeau has taken the realm. She has created a remarkable piece of illustrations that depicts our body’s imperfection and beauty is what makes u unique in every manner.

This french illustrator avails Instagram as a medium to showcase her work. The illustrations act as a conversation starter on subjects like body positivity, modern-day dating, and misogyny. 

Last year she crossed the 250 k followers mark on Instagram and received a headline in India Times as they concluded her work as a French artist’s brilliant illustrations are a celebration of the badass in every woman.

Be grateful for what God has blessed us with. As stated, “do not get caught up face the truth first”. She also said that we should not be deluded by colorful, many times eye-popping pictures illustrations just for the reason that they are simple. Life as a woman is hard. Also, there is no life without them. Women are the sole carriers of life on this earth, who gives birth to a man. It is the crystal clear response for those men who think of women as lesser than them in any domain.

The artist has more than 269k followers on Instagram.

Scroll down and find some of our best picks from the artist’s illustrations.























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