Disney has always been everyone’s favorite, we all have grown up with the classic animated Disney characters.

Though these were the fairy tales the makers never told us the whole story. These fairy tales come from many dark stories.
There are some artists who tried imagining what would story would look like in various styles and forms.

#1 Snow White

Different from the original ending the prince helps extract the apple from Snow White’s throat then they had a quick wedding ceremony.

The evil queen is invited but as punishment, she is forced to wear iron shoes and dance until she died. Definitely, one of the ways to end a party.

#2 Cinderella

Unlike the real story when the prince comes with the shoe to find his true love, One of the cinderella’s sisters cuts her toe-off to fit into the shoe but still fails. The prince finds Cinderella and sets off to marry her.

Both sisters attend the wedding only to have their eyes later plucked out by birds

#3 The Little Mermaid

We all know about the exchange she made with the witch for her legs. If she lost the bet she would not just have been able to return to the ocean she would actually die.

#4 Rapunzel

One of the adaptations of the movie is that Rapunzel ends up being pregnant during one of the prince’s visits. The enchantress gets to know about it and cuts her hair off. She locks Rapunzel again in the tower alone waiting for the prince to return.

Prince tries to come to Rapunzel once and starts climbing the tower but midway realizes it’s the enchantress and falls down on the thorns which end up blinding him.

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