Artist Jessica Rae makes 30 Hilarious Comics About Women’s Everyday Lives

No one likes a dull life with the same everyday life. An artist named Jessica Rae creates one of the most hilarious webcomics on the internet. The comics are called “Doodley Squat” and are about day-to-day struggles. It is called “Doodley Squat” for a reason, and the name comes from the word diddly squat means “a very small amount.”

Jessica is a mom and is based in Australia. The artist features daily struggles related to relationships, parenthood, and work-life balance. Jessica has been creating comics for more than ten years. The comics are lighthearted and fun to read to uplift the mood. Comic 4 is a panel comic with great humor and creativity.

Scroll down and enjoy our best picks from Jessica’s hilarious comic “Doodley Squat.”


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