Funny Comics Depicting Girls’ struggles By Artist Anastasia Ivanova

Most of us face problems in our daily life, and running away is never an option. But what if we face them with a little sass and humor instead of being sad about it? 

Today we would like to introduce you to an artist who loves doing that. Russian artist Anastasia `Stushona’ Ivanova likes to confront her daily life struggles with the twist of her comics. Stushona is 32 years old and has a long background in illustration. 

The artist creates a series of relatable content, and the fans love it. The comics feature the artist and her struggles with her cat and daily life; a lot of coffee always helps. The artist said that she has no inspiration. She loves meeting her friends and takes experiences from them. Scroll down to see his captivating comic.

Scroll down and enjoy our best picks from the artist’s gallery.




















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