Dinosaur foѕѕіɩѕ from 76 million years ago with intact skin in Canada

An ecology associate at the University of Reading UK found dinosaur fossils that preserved soft tissue. He found the fossil when he was surveying Alberts with some students. 

The researchers unearthed the fossil of a herbivorous platypus dinosaur with an almost complete skeleton, even the patches of the skin still intact. 

The duckbill dinosaur fossils died about 76 million years ago. A complex river system flowed during the Cretaceous period (66 – 145 million years ago). The area is now called the  Alberta Dinosaur Park and has been given a UNESCO World Heritage site with 400- 500 dinosaur skeletons and skulls ever discovered. 

The researchers explain that the specimen they found was still young because adult platypuses are at least twice as large as the Alberta specimen. 

“I think the specimen was covered pretty quickly; otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so well preserved. You can see the vertebrae and tendons. When you get closer, you’ll see some scales. Its skin. dагk, scaly, and has a basketball-like texture,” explains Pickles.

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