A fossil confirms that unicorns inhabited the eагtһ 29 thousand years ago

Mythologies have always been our gateway to information from history. These mythologies mention many characters, names, and places which help archeologists discover new facts. Many of these mention Unicorns though the magical properties related to unicorns have yet to be found, proof of their existence exists. 

Previous research in Kazakhstan found the magical species that existed not long before us. They have been extinct for 350,000. However, our idea of a unicorn made with our imagination from mythologies would be a Siberian unicorn called Elasmotherium sibiricum. It has large in size and resembles a rhinoceros or a mammoth more than a horse.

According to the studies, these unicorns could get 2 meters high and 4.5 meters long, way larger than any horse. These animals belonged to the rhino family, and because their frontal horn was longer and thinner, they resembled our fictional unicorn.


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