Teachers Sharing Incredible Stuff of Kids on TUMBLR Thread

Nowadays, teachers are sharing ultimate stories on the Tumblr Thread of their students. They represent brilliant moves of their students on this spot for presenting the fun. Kids have become very funny these days, and they do so many weird things in their schools. You should surely read these most comic classroom stories that have shared many primary teachers on Tumblr. You can recognize the superpowers of the kids, and also, you can divide these funny stories in different classic moments.

#2 A 4th-grade student says that a small slap can make his dad happy while he was doing high five.

#3 Once a teacher brings octopus in class, and then every student starts offering snack items to octopus.

#4 Then octopus starts getting fat. Therefore, the teacher decides to replace the octopus with another animal.

The relation between a student and teachers turns to be very weird some times. However, these are always memorable or both of them. What do you say about these odd acts by them?

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