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A Single Dad Adopted an Ill Child and Raised an Olympic Champion

Jerry Windle, who was a homosexual guy, got to hear many times from people that he could never become a father. Even he had never expected himself to be a father. But the creator had something else approved and the same thing happened. One day the life of Jerry is completely dramatically changed. Their story also proves that the heart of a kind person can easily cross any difficulty.

We believe that the love of parents has always been invaluable. If a person has got the right values, then he easily overcomes the biggest challenge. Parental love is beyond all kinds of religious social prejudices and preconceptions. You should also take a lesson for your life from such a person.

1. It all began with a magazine article.

Jerry Windle was a gay man. He had dreamed of becoming a father since childhood. He had previously tried to adopt a child in the United States of America. Later he came to know about orphans in Cambodia from a magazine piece. After this, he did not waste any time in contacting the authorities in Cambodia.

Jerry moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in June 2000 where he met his future son, Jordan. Jordan was living in the orphanage right after the death of his biological parents. Malnutrition, itching, and many other diseases had made this child completely ill. Jerry again came to Florida with Jordan. He took care of him and adopted and followed all his father’s Duties.

2. The new family was confronted with several problems right away.

Even after returning to the United States, the family faced many challenges. Jordan was already ill. And Jerry had to first use sign language to communicate with him because Jordan didn’t know English.

Jordan  was 2 year old and has weighed only 16 pounds at that time. He was a victim of many weaknesses and his body had also become very thin. His father didn’t even know whether Jordan would survive or die. Jerry vows that he will never do anything wrong with Jordan’s upbringing and will never let him suffer again.

3. An illustrious Olympic career began by chance.

Jordan’s ambitions for the Olympics began at the age of 7. At the diving camp, he got the attention of Tim O’Brien, son of Ron O’Brien, a well-known diving coach. Jordan took this as his goal and enrolled in a special diving school. During this time Jordan also met with Olympic gold medalist and LGBT activist Greg Louganis.

Jordan has qualified for the men’s platform event after 3 trials in his Olympic journey. Jordan made the first attempt at the age of 13 and the second attempt at the age of 16.

4. Throughout the years, the strongest relationship has been between father and son.

Jordan will now compete for the United States of America in the Olympics. But his love for Cambodia remains intact in his mind. He recently got Cambodia tattooed on his arm.

In 2011 both father and son co-authored a children’s book to recount their journeys. The narrative of a rooster who was informed by other animals that he couldn’t be a father without a hen is described in the book An Orphan No More: The True Story of a Boy. In this, he comes from an egg that no one loves. The duck hatches the egg. Despite looking different, both prove that ultimately where there is love, there is family too.


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