By “Sephko”, Here are the 20 Absurd Comics Full of Randomness and Twists

We all love surprises and it is always amusing when someone can mix twists and humor. 

 There is an artist named  Gojko Franulic is exactly creates this type of content in the form of webcomics. Artist draws characters and writes text around them to make a scene and it is hilarious combined.

The artist has created a fresh take on humor with his witty and unexpected twits in his comics.  Sephko comics are loaded with dark humor. Dark comics are short and spontaneous and communicated by just a few dialogues. 

The artist does illustrations as a therapeutic process and what else could be better than giving them some witty twits? The comics consist of many weird thoughts and ideas we all have but the artists spin them in a way it becomes hilarious. 

For some people, some topics can be uncomfortable but none of them would state the comics as unfunny. Many of the comics may seem like any regular comics at first some slides but, the unexpected endings make them hilarious.





















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