Artist Illustrates The Pressures She And Other Women Face From Society In 29 New Honest Comics

People have always considered society a big part of our lives. As a society, we have put a lot of rules for women to follow. Women have always been conditioned to be in a certain way. We have put rules on how they should be sitting, talking, dressing, laughing, or simply existing. Pressuring women to fit in a box and be perfect all the time.

A 31-year-old Hungarian illustrator Lainey Molar decided to address this issue through her art. She works as a digital business strategist and helps women struggling with their businesses. Lainey started her career as a blogger and soon became the first  Hungarian personal blogger.

The artist wants to point out all the wrong and right things in society and what it means to be a woman this today’s day and age. Her art is very accurate and aesthetic.

The artist has an edgy way of portraying her thoughts through her art. Women are much more than color, body, and gender. She has the perfect replies for people with unsolicited opinions. 

Lainey Molnar has more than 810k followers on Instagram. 

Scroll down and find some of our best picks from the artist’s illustrations.

#1 Keep my uterus out of your fucking politics.

#2 It is always about having an option

#3 Have better thoughts

#4 She is better off alone

#5 Speak about yourself

#6 Just be a superwoman, what is the issue?

#7 Hypocrisy goes a long back.

#8 Grief has no timeline.

#9 It is a serious problem

#10 Perfect size is a myth

#11 Educating people.

#12 Going with the flow

#13 Always on to something

#14 Period.

#15 Break the chain

#16 Lulu is the best

#17 Called choices

#18 How does that happen every time

#19 Nobodies business.

#20 Classic Expectation Vs Reality.

#21 Spitting facts

#22 Marking changes

#23 Both are okay

#24 All of them

#25 Just being a human

#26 How are you?

#27 Being cool

#28 We are meant to be different.

#29 There is no formula

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