Artist Shannon Lee Creates Humanized Versions Of Animals And Cartoon Characters (20 Pics)

We have grown up watching Disney characters and have seen them evolve over time. Many artists imagined the Disney characters and showed them through art. Generations of children from all over the world have grown up idolizing and aspiring to be like them.

One artist from Australia named Shannon Lee decided to do something different and drew Disney characters as if they were humans. She even created a humanized form of animal. Her artwork is appreciated by many, as we all want to know how would we look like if those characters were humans.

Shannon loves character designing and it is her favorite thing to do. She even explained that she loves it so much because it gives the liberty to turn your thoughts into shapes, colors, and aesthetic choices.

She has been drawing since a very young age. According to the artist, her interest in drawing developed because her parents were always painting when she was young. “Because my parents didn’t have any kid-safe paints, they handed me shaving foam and told me to color in the flowers blossoming outside!” Haha! They’re a horde of lunatics said, Shannon.

The artist has more than 17k followers on Instagram and growing.

Scroll down and find our best picks from Shannon Lee’s collection.

#1 Miss Kitty

#2 Happy freckle teddy

#3 Bambi boy

#4 A distinguished Gentlemen

#5 Could not have been more accurate

#6 Blue’s clues

#7 Lady and the Tramp

#8 Half moon

#9 Stitch and Angle

#10 Timon from “Lion King” looks cool.

#11 Scooby and blue’s clues together.

#12 Such a happy teddy

#13 Sassy as always

#14 Dog just looks like that

#15 Marie is sweet and shy as always

#16 Little flirt

#17 Sebastian will look cool as a human.

#18 Pumbaa’s drawing is just so accurate

#19 Looks of a Tiger

#20 Lady and Peg look so real

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