Children Need Their Grandparents More Than We Realize

Grandparents hold a very special place in all of our lives. A loving grandparent can make a big difference in a child’s life. They have all the love and experience to support their grandchildren. They make you ready for the world that you are going to be in.

Studies show that kids with active grandparents in their lives turn out healthier and happier than average.

We have put together fifteen reasons that show why is important to have grandparents present in our early stages of life.

Grandparents encourage happiness.

They are a bundle of joy and they love their grandkids. As people say older people become kids with experience. They related to the kids more and they love them.

2. Kids may find a sympathetic ear from older relatives.

Grandparents work as a safety blanket for the kids. Just listening to kids complain about something is enough for them. Sometimes when kids are not ha[[y with their parents they want to get to someone and vent and who else will be better to get some sympathy from.

3. They remind us of our family history.

They are like living history books with a lot of stories. Grandparents love to tell stories to the kids. Everyone loves listening to the stories about families and their parents and grandparents just do exactly that.

4. Life lessons are par for the course.

Knowledge comes from experience and they have a lot of that to share. They can help assure the kids go on the right path by sharing their mistakes and knowledge collected over the years.

5. Both parties benefit from the relationship.

Sharing knowledge goes both ways. Studies show that the grandparents that are actively involved in the upbringing of their grandkids and spend time with them live longer than those who don’t.

6. A sense of stability is so important for children.

The grandparents are the rock of the family and help keep the family stable. They are the most trustworthy people of them all. They will be there no matter what happens.

7. We learn to laugh at the little things.

We become more childish with old age and enjoy little things like kids. The little ones enjoy their time with the grandparents because they are a child in a form of adults.

8. Grandparents make great friends.

They are best friends with their grandkids as they have flexibility in regards to things their parents won’t allow. They are the partners in crime because they are the fun ones.

9. Mentoring and being a role model come easily.

We know kids, they don’t like to follow rules. There come to the grandparents they can guide them without being the bad guy and kids want to listen to them as they are the fun ones.

10. They teach us about past styles.

Generations change and the styles too. One thing about fashion is that it comes back and who else is better to teach us that than the people that have lived in that time, our grandparents.

They can teach us a lot about past fashion which we can not see these days.

11. We teach them too.

We do teach a lot to our grandparents. The times have changed a lot and they have to cop up with the technology who else is better to teach them that than their best friends. If they do not understand something they will make sure that you know.

12. They care for your needs.

The love and care that you get from them are unconditional. Their heart is full of love and they never shy away to show that.

13. Grandparents know how to get involved.

 They love to be present and that is the most important thing in a kid’s life growing up. Just to know that there is someone always present is amazing.

14. Living in the present is crucial.

They teach us to live the life fullest. They share experiences and encourage us to make our own. Grandparents are the second parent that every kid has who is happy for them even in the tiniest thing.

15.Love flows endlessly and unconditionally.

They are just a bundle of unconditional love and care ready to shower it all on you. Many kids do not realize how important they were in their life soon but they still love you with all their hearts.

These were the reasons that make a grandparent an essential part of a kid’s life.

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