Archaeologists found the truth about a massive ѕkeɩetoп still wear clothes in Romania

Scientists and archeologists are trying to figure out many secrets of the earth, and with every piece of information, it gets more complex. According to many ancient legends, there are stories of great people who built buildings like pyramids. One such story also has David and Goliath’s existence in them. Many still have questions like how they used to live or what would have been the reason for their death.

Many scientists have found some unusually large skeletons in Romania that may provide clues about their existence. According to the locals, huge vaults under the mountains can hide underground passages with treasures.

The giant skeletons in the ruins of the Burebist leader’s dungeon of Burebista have been known for more than half a century. There are also many conspiracy theories among those who worked in the excavation.

 Except for the oversized skulls, they discovered intact skeletons, jewels, and fragments of unique 3-meter sculptures.

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